Mr. Repp's
Online Classroom

Team 8B - the stellar sharks


Class Supplies:

The following materials must be brought to class each day as well as a positive attitude for learning. Being unprepared for class does not lead to academic success.

•1" 3-ring binder
•composition book

Math: COURSE 3
1 ½” binder
•composition book

Social Studies
•1" 3-ring binder with paper
•pens and pencils
•colored pencils

•Composition book
•pens and pencils
•silent reading book
•Colored Pencils

1" 3-ring binder with paper and tabs
•silent reading book

1" 3-ring binder with college ruled paper & pocket folder
•pens/pencils (a lot)
•composition book (black&white marble)
•colored pencils
•100 index cards (1 pack)
•Post-it notes (1 pack)

Health/Phys. Ed.
•pocket folder
•spiral notebook
•pens and pencils
•gym clothes
•Combination lock
•Sneakers (with laces)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to the Stellar Sharks (Team 8B.) We are looking forward to working with you this year. We are excited about the activities we have planned for this school year, which we hope will not only be stimulating academically, but socially as well.

To ensure that your child has a successful year, we would like to make sure each student comes to class prepared and on time. The supply list for each major core subject area is listed on the next page. Also, a combination lock is needed for the first day of school to keep your child’s belongings safe in his/her locker. We hope this will help you in preparing for the new academic school year.

To help students achieve academic success, students will receive a Shafer Agenda Book that will be required to be carried around throughout the day. Homework and long term assignments should be recorded by your child in their agenda book as they are assigned. We encourage you to monitor your child’s agenda book daily. Please feel free to use it as a means of communication with us. This will allow your child to develop their independence and meet their responsibilities. Also, please refer to Student Portal on a daily basis to check for current averages, missing assignments, or IPR and report card grades. Directions can be found on the District’s website.

We encourage you to motivate your child to read as much as possible throughout the school year. Students will be able to count these books toward the school wide reading challenge program.

Once again, we thank you and invite you to join us in encouraging and motivating your child to attain their academic goals. Please check the website often for updates and news about your child’s team!


Team 8B - Stellar Sharks
Mrs. Franklin
Mrs. Gana
Mr. Gordon
Mrs. Murray
Mr. Reppenhagen